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by FLIPTRACY + Ivan Ives

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This is a remix made in the spring of 2010 for the prolific Ivan Ives, for the "Re-Speak" record (which is a remix album for his "Newspeak" record). Released on No Threshold Records®, the Re-Speak album is an online release featuring the complete Newspeak record remixed with completely new beats and unique interpretations of Ivan Ives' original songs.
I received the vocal files in my email one morning at my normal day-job with a personal offer from Ivan to be a part of the Re-Speak project - which was an obvious no-brainer for me to say "absolutely" to. The track was due within 24 hours - and I did-it-up in FLIPTRACY fashion until the early AM hours......
Since all the FLIPTRACY beats/tracks are created without software or computers, what I did was to sample the clean vocal track (from my iPod) into the Roland SP-404 and then manually chop it into 4 and 8 bar loops - basically resulting in a whole bunch of Dr. Sample pads armed and ready to sequence his vocals into a new arrangement. I essentially just found the closest possible whole-number tempo by ear (using a metronome/click on a drum machine) and got a new vocal arrangement sequenced and recorded to a very basic 4/4 rhythm.
Then, the beat was composed - the track was sent to No Threshold - and the remix album was released for download.

FLIPTRACY equipment used:
Boss SP-404 Sampler, Boss DR-670 Drum Machine, Yamaha S-03 Synth, Yamaha P-120 Piano, Tascam 2488 Multitrack Recorder, Alesis MMT-8 Sequencer, Peavey PV-8 Mixer, Behringer T1952 Tube Composer, Behringer SU9920 Ultramizer, Tapco S-8 Monitors, Sony MDR-7506 Headphones.


released May 17, 2010
Ivan Ives:
Josh Grzyb:



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